mySQL Tutorial

Database Companies – How to Choose a Developer

Living in the so-called “Information Age” dictates that information has a high value and that most businesses cannot function without a means of storing and managing data. Thus, industry and society in general demand not only the structuring of information, but highly effective and specialized systems of interaction with it. Databases provide the solution, and basically refer to places of stored information. In business today though, the term more specifically denotes computer systems whereby highly structured information is stored, handled and retrieved.


How to Connect to mySQL Server using ASP Classic

ASP Classic seems to be outdated when the new has been introduce by Microsoft but because ASP classic had already been established in web development, some developer still uses it as key programming language in providing web application to their clients. Only a few programmer compared to PHP language […]

PHP and MySQL Connection

In this tutorial I will show you how to connect to MySQL Database with PHP. Before we proceed, please consider the following requirements of this tutorial: – Running MySQL Server – Running Apache Server – Database Name – Database Username – Database Password Below is the PHP function I made […]